The Vision Trip

Posted: November 5, 2007 in Seattle Church Plant
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Brandon and I left Winona, MN Sunday night for a quick slip into Seattle and back out before our families could miss us. The four days would pass quickly, so we knew that we would need to be extremely efficient and get right to work when we got there, no playing around, no golf, no joy rides up into the mountains, no sailboats on the Sound, just work. The work started before we left. Before we grabbed a couch and cot at Mark Paulson’s house in Minneapolis we had to type and send the text for the Seattle Church Plant Brochure that Shelli Daniels needed to finish by noon of the next day. By 2 am we got the info shot off to her, and we crash, only to crack the lids open at 5:30 am. The plane was leaving at 7:20 am.

Three and a half hours of uneventful air travel brought us over the Cascade mountains. With just a quick glympse of Mount Rainier we dove into the fog covering the city of Seattle Fog over Seattleand touched down at Sea-Tac, me with an aching neck from wobbling back and forth as I went in and out of consciousness. After renting a car, a lame Dodge Charger, we headed off towards the city center to walk and pray. We wanted to have some time to feel the city, to smell it, to taste it. We wanted to get some understanding of the people of Seattle, maybe just watch them, maybe chat with them. I have been to Seattle before but just as a tourist. This was so much different; we were there to find an environment in which to be the hands and feet of Christ. We were there to discover.

And Discover did we ever…


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