Posted: January 22, 2008 in Of Spiritual Things

Time is a crazy thing isn’t it?  It is an intangible influence on our lives.  A continuum with no spatial dimensions.  A series of repeating instances.  Moments stacked on top of each other. We measure it by attaching seconds to it and relating it to the sun and the rotation of the earth and the speed at which our hair grows. Time is real but we are unable to grasp it. Time exists but we are unable to see it, unable to taste it.  But like the wind we can see the effects of time. Time is like a prison that we are trapped in here on earth.  We can’t get out of it. We can’t escape time and the ravishing affects it has on our bodies and the world, even though it never actually touches us with its bars.  We dream of time travel where we can control time but in reality time controls us. We are at its mercy.  We are slaves to Time, the always present master, a physical beating that never seems to ends. Trapped, like a fly in the web of an anorexic spider, like a student in the class of some psychotic professor, like a climber on an unending mountain, like Macaroni in cheese.

I believe our spirits cry out for something greater, something less intrusive on our lives, something—– possibly something like eternity—where there is an absence of time, a place where the concept of time is unexplainable, unimaginable, and the thought of it sickening. We long for eternity so much that we often forget that time has us in it’s grasp, like a fish freshly plucked out of the water by an eagle, like a new toy in the hands of a child, like peanut butter in a sandwich. 

We often don’t realize what happens to us as we travel through time.

Until we look back.   

 To read more check out this doc. Time

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