Posted: March 17, 2008 in Seattle Church Plant
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Daffodil in snowWe are approximately three months from our Winona departure date. Time is flying by so fast and we have so much to accomplish. My “To Do” list seems to have two items added to it every time one item gets checked off, which makes for a seemingly never ending catalog of the important. This is so hard because I don’t want to check out on my ministry and students who are counting on my leadership while I am still in Winona. It’s definitely a tough place to be. There is a new tension in my life. A desire to finish strong, here, but a longing to begin, there. The tension exists the fleeting moments of dawn; in moments that don’t seem so fleeting in the present.

Yesterday it was sunny and warm outside and it seemed that spring was around the corner and I could start planting a garden any day. Today, it’s snowing. Can’t till the garden up yet. The weather seems to correspond with my life. I am so looking forward to Spring, but Winter hasn’t ended yet.

Not to confuse Winter with a negative connotation, but as a season of beauty. I have to finish one season while the next season is presenting itself. Just like this Minnesota weather, spring one day, three feet of snow the next, melting away the next, freezing to ice the next day. It’s frustration and beauty all wrapped into one piece of magnificent art. Like a painting you have to gaze into for a while until the meaning appears. A painting of the motion of change; a boy becoming a man; the process of revelation; of snow on daffodils.

This master piece is beautiful while it’s being created. It will be so wonderful to look back one day and see and understand the sculpting and shaping of His magnum opus.

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