The Baby Buggy

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Moments of God
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buggyAbout a month ago I bought an antique baby buggy at a garage sale, for no real reason, actually it was kind of a dumb purchase and it ended up in our gargage taking up room.

Yesterday Kristine and I and the boys took the Wineys, wonderful friends of ours from Minnesota, down to Richmond Beach to watch the sunset over the Olympic mountains across the Sound. Amazingly beautiful. We found cool rocks and shells, ran up and down the beach, threw rocks in the water, watched ships pass and finally watched as the huge red orb in the West plunged into the southern olympic mountains. Wow! If you come and visit us this is where we’ll take you.

As we walked down the beach and the sky turned to brilliant gold and orange we came upon a couple walking our way. I commented on the beauty of the sky, as did they. I asked them if they came down to the beach often, and carried the conversation into discovering where they live and how we might share the Gospel message with them. They ended up asking us why we came to Seattle to which we got to reply, “A vision.” We got to tell them why God called us to the city and they told us right away that they are Christians and are looking for a church and would love to come and “check us out.”

Then she said, “You look so familiar, I think I’ve seen you before.”


“Yeah you look like the guy who bought an antique baby buggy from me a month ago.”

  1. Craig says:

    Hey brother! I’m digging the updates! Keep pressing for the Kingdom!

  2. awesome story keith!! i hope you remember to take us to that beautiful location when our family vacations to the coast some year to come!!

  3. Evie Elgersma says:

    Hi, I am Lorraine VV’s sister and was directed by her to your blog. Couldn’t help but laugh today — love those baby buggy purchases. God uses all sorts of things!

  4. jasmina ingersoll says:

    the baby buggy you bought reminds me of the one that my parents had for my sister and I when we lived in Bosnia long time ago… I’m hoping to get pregnant this year and I would love to find a baby buggy like that. would you be interested in selling it? Please let me know… thank you, jasmina

  5. andrea regnier says:

    I came across your site in search for “baby buggy”…and your 2-year-old baby buggy garage sale purchase… do you still have it? Would you be interested in selling it? I am in search for pretty much something exactly like that…
    Please, let me know.
    Thank you

    Andrea R.

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