Free things to do in Seattle for New Years

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
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The Circus at the Seattle City Center. This looks really cool and we plan on being there.

The Three Cathedral Tenors. This, I am sure, will be one High C performance and well worth the trip to the Cathedral.

Fireworks over the Space Needle. What could be better than taking the family or friends to the Space Needle for a pretty stellar fireworks display. The 605-foot Space Needle once again will display Seattle’s traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks show with thousands of pyrotechnic effects at midnight on December 31.

Go to Redmond, it’s not to far north of Seattle and they have a great downtown holiday celebration.

Participate in or go and watch crazy people polar bear swim on the first of the year at the Resolution Run 5k. sounds really cold.

May be a cool stop to get some creativity flowing.  Breaking the Mold features Pratt instructors who work in kiln-cast glass and cast metal sculpture. This exhibit includes work by artists Scott Ball, Susan Balshor, Cathy Chase, Jeanne Ferraro, Carol Milne, Alex Montgomery, and Ed Trobec.
Where: Pratt Gallery at Tashiro Kaplan Studios, 306 S Washington St, Suite 102

The Children’s Museum has a NewYears Eve gig for the family, looks like a good possibility for a cheep night.

I will try to keep adding things as we find them. Hope you are able to get out for free or very cheep this holiday season.

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