Birthday #39

Posted: January 13, 2009 in random thoughts
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Just turned 39 and don’t feel a day over 25. Age is a crazy thing, it just keeps going whether you want it to or not. One minute I’m three and wondering around our Idaho property following our big Husky, the next I’m 18 and wrestling every weekend, the next I’m married with four kids and all of the sudden my oldest is 14 and I’m in Seattle starting a church.

Where does it all go. It seems time passes just about as fast as that paragraph describes my entire life. It’s funny how people hold an image in their head about you. I am just recently making some new acquaintances with old high school friends, actually they probably wouldn’t have called me their friend back then, but because they are my friend on the fabulous Facebook, we are good pals now. Whatever.

In their head they still see Keith Carpenter at a whopping 130 lb, all wrestler physic. They probably wouldn’t recognize me if they walked past. It goes with attitudes also, I am sure many who haven’t seen me in years still attribute my teenage personality to ancient 39 years. But, oh how time can change even that.

Sometimes, especially recently, I have notice that I have become much more serious about life, maybe for the good and maybe for the bad. I am sure the burdens of planting a church in a major American city, caring and protecting my family, feeling responsible for those who came with us, feeling like I don’t know enough, spending hours meditating and writing on doctrine and theology, and truly discovering why I believe what I believe, and being pressed in on by the enemy, has something to do with it.

But I don’t want to be all serious and not laugh. I don’t want to be a grumpy old Christian who doesn’t find anything funny any more, because I have taken or been thrust into a heavy load and much responsibility. I want to continue to be able to see the beauty in life and laugh at the small stuff and and the big stuff. I have been finding myself falling asleep at night expecting God to work in our lives the next day but know that I have so much to do and at any moment our money could run out and we would be looking at a forecloser in the face.

Although, at the same time I do not worry. I am so confident that we are doing the right thing. God has continually made it clear that we are in the right place at the right time.

Maybe I just need to lean on him more and less on my own strength and abilities and finding confidence in what he is doing in my life and the life of Epic Life Church. Maybe it’s not as bad as I am making it.

I just feel serious about everything right now and honestly, it kind of bothers me.

Birthday #39. Seriously I love my age, my cup is running over and God is my Father. This is the year to Live an Epic Life.


Well…that is probably the most personal I will ever get here in my blog.

  1. Christy says:

    Well happy birthday anyway…even if you are getting old and serious! We miss you and hope your shoulder is feeling better…

  2. Flugum says:

    Happy belated birthday. I find it a bit humorous that you’re bothered about being “serious” mainly because, as long as I’ve known you, you’ve always been serious. Rarely grumpy but very serious. Your heart has always been determined to not only make a change in this world but to help others affect the change which is their potential. When looking at what I know aobut your life you’ve not been “thrust” into this position, but groomed for it. Your passion, gifts, abilities, and approach to the finiteness of life has made you the perfect person to take this leadership position. The fact that you feel inadequate, that you understand your limitations and strive to be more through God is proof that your heart is that of a leader and not a dominator. Remember that seriousness, earnestness and determination have little to do with being jovial; true happiness lies in being where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do. The things God is doing through you and the team around you are amazing. You are constantly in my prayers, and the times you have enouraged me still bring strength to my daily walk. To paraphrase Matthew 6:33-4: The first priority is the kingdom of God. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for the task at hand is important enough.
    One thing you taught me is that God will provide for his will, and if it isn’t his will then it shouldn’t be striven for.
    Again, Happy Belated Birthday you old fart.

  3. verschaetse says:

    Happy Birthday Keith! Thanks for the thoughts, they really resonate with me. You know, like those times when you’re glad that someone else is having some of the same thoughts. Peace

  4. K says:

    We love you, Keith!

  5. Tara says:

    Hey Keith, so another year older! Wahoo! I pegged you correctly, I thought you would be someone who feels more like 25 than 39. Now, your just more mature? Hmmm? Maybe not, just more opportunities in your life that God has given to you to help you grow into the man you are today. What an awesome job you get to do! A soldier of God, who is trying to make a difference for the world through God’s eyes. I believe that the responsibilities you carry on your shoulder is nothing that God cant help you handle. I will pray for you and your church.

    Facebook might have brought a few of us back together my friend, but I always thought you were my friend. Heck, you and Kent had a toy record player-I thought you guys were cool! I loved going to your house to play, it was peace there. And wasnt there a swing off to the right of the house by the hill, I remember swinging. Actually, I dont remember the wrestler that much, I know you were one though. I remember the guy that would make me crack up laughing when he did something crazy in Drama and English. You made an impact even then my friend, and because of Facebook, I now come here to read your Blog’s that make me stop and think about life. See, your great at your job! Just dont get too serious on us, I know that Crazy fun boy’s still in there somewhere. Peace

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