This is an example of our lives before Christ.

Can Epic Life buy this building? We are pursuing the possibility of making this a reality. It has been a three year process, from a dream, many questions, many closed doors and then having them opened when God was ready. Please pray with us as we enter into new conversations with the owners.

The vision of Epic Life Church: “We envision North Seattle to be transformed by finding an epic life in Jesus Christ.”

This vision draws us to invest in Aurora Ave. North and to see the Church of Jesus Christ grow and flourish along Aurora Ave.  We are intentionally investing in the community in many different ways as we reach far into the marginalized communities along this vastly diverse corridor looking for different ways of sharing the Gospel.

Over the past two years we have dreamed and pursued the possibility of purchasing one or several of the Motels along Aurora and transforming them from houses of corruption to houses of beauty, creating a place for healing and redemption. Historically these motels have been a hot bed of drugs, prostitution, sex trafficking, and the like. We have sought after this vision with great care as we follow God’s leading. We have sought out much counsel and invested much time in research and prayer. God has been directing our steps to move cautiously yet faithfully confident.

After many options have not lined up over the past two years we have come to a crossroads of action where we strongly believe God is calling us into an actual purchase of one motel.

It is ugly, trashed and used.

Can you say, “Transformation?”

What a testimony to a Savior who changes people’s lives. This building is such an example of a life sometimes… trashed, used, abused and unkept. It had once been new, clean and shiny, welcoming new-comers to Seattle, now it sits…trashed.  I believe it can be recreated and given a new life.

This will be a place for community and life. Rooms to live in and a place for a pushing church planting movement into the city.

If you information on the project please leave a comment or email me directly.

We will be talking about the project on Sunday at Epic Life Church‘s Sunday gathering.

  1. Alistair says:

    looking forward to hearing more about this. I’d love to come help clean the graffiti off of it.

  2. Lord Jesus you see what we did with an old crack house, how we as a comunity turned it into a guarden for you, that your love through us may be shown. Is it possable that you would still be concidering entrusting us with more rubish, that we may put our hearts and bodies into you, serving the comunity together, to see our neighborhhood transformed? You Jesys our (our) great interceser, would you go on our behalf now on this matter, bringing life to an area that seems dead, love to an area that seems burdened with fear,hate,pride and selfishness. Would you turn to the father on Epiclife Church behalf regarding this selfless request, knowing that once the power in this old motell project has been granted, that we your people, your church, will be hands and feet for you through and through again. Lord God if you are up with me tonight and may be reading these words over my shoulder or even that an angel may pass this word along, we your people are asking for your help, asking that youd entrust us with more, a more that only is even possable at your hand, the hand of God.
    -nathan vrentas
    2nd oct 2012

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