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I love the sunrise, to see it you must get up early. Many people miss the sunrise because it forces you to go out of your way to see it. Those of us who have seen it know the beauty and will find ways to be present when this miraculous event happens.

I see the world around me in the same way.

I have recently gotten to walk with Ben Carlson along Aurora and introduce him to what God is doing on our street. Ben is visiting us from South Africa where he works with the Navigators and is a professional coffee taster. He has a lot of vision for life and future, and talking with him gives me a huge shot of encouragement.

As we walked from the AXIS to the garden space along Aurora and I got to introduce him to business owners and homeless men and women and show him where we minister, sparks started to fly as we praised God for his greatness. We entered the garden space and started envisioning the space green and with a small stage for music and tables and chairs and umbrellas for conversation and a coffee cart where we could sell or give away java to the “customers” of the Space.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if this space was where we held a Bible study for whoever may be walking on the street? Maybe very late at night or really early mornings. That gives me the chills just thinking about it. How about small concerts just for the purpose of bringing music to Aurora? Maybe some vegetables that are growing and people have the freedom to snack? Then Ben says, “Maybe this is your coffee shop that you’ve been dreaming about? It doesn’t even need a building!” Maybe? Oh yeah! What if the tattoo parlor next door actually started partnering with us and looked forward to us being there? Or opened up their back “yard” space to join up with the garden space for a larger venue?

The “what if’s” are huge, when you allow God to push it…

So…on another note but not really, we are at a place financially as Epic Life Church where we are living in the negative, you know – the red numbers. This is a scary place to live, that is strengthening our faith and resolve. But just because we don’t have the finances and resources to pull off dreams doesn’t mean the dreams stop coming. In fact if anything the dreams are growing and God is asking more of us. So we are trusting him in our poverty and owning this new Church as a community in greater ways than if we hadn’t found ourselves in the negative.

Praise God for people like Ben and the business owners who may not even have a personal relationship with Christ and those who are walking Aurora and those who are on our Finance Team with beautiful gifts and leaders who are moving forward even in difficult times and for a church Body who know what they are here for and vision, pure God-driven, life-infused, transformational vision.

“To see North Seattle transformed by finding an epic life in Christ Jesus.”

Find ways to “see” the “sunrise” in your world. It is beautiful and miraculous!


I am seriously looking forward to the day that the Oak Tree Cinema becomes the Epic Life Church main campus. I am going to just type and see what comes out…The AMC big guys in their AMC big office building will one day say to us, “Hey you there, Epic Life Church, we really don’t want this building anymore and we were just wondering if we could bother you by giving it to you.”  To which we would reply, “Oh that’s no bother, we’ll help you out and take it off your hands. Glad we could help out.”

From there Aurora Ave would have a sweet spot at the Oak Tree Village.  We would quickly remodel the children’s theater to be a bit more children friendly, by knocking out a wall and creating a sweet nursery, baby and toddler area. Then take the theater and make it a place where crafts, videos, drama, music and great teaching could happen. The images are beginning to form in my brain as I type.

We would head off to the adult theater and create a stage, lights and sound that would be quite stellar. Better lighting, new colors, and a stage that could have depth and the ability to build and create.

Of course the other theaters would become different language churches, like Korean, Spanish, Ethiopian, Russian, etc. and the children from these communities would all go to the children’s ministry theater. I can see the beauty in such a international children’s ministry. A lot of encouragement, excitement and heart for the nations.

Then we will show second run movies and encourage date nights and family nights and charge as little as possible and only show good wholesome movies. We should be able to make enough money to cover the cost of the building, then every bit of tithe can go directly to ministry, on Aurora and around the world as our international community grows.

With this the AXIS (the Epic Life administration and education campus) can grow and be remodeled to host a bigger school with more teachers who are better paid. And we can start planning for the Bible College and Seminary on location.  Then the Cafe can be developed and begin to Thrive and the Epic Warehouse can open, making a major difference in the lives of the community youth, bringing them by the hundreds to the foot of the Cross.

It is only a matter of time before all of this happens and even more, because God is big and he wants to reach all of Seattle!  And his dreams and plans are much bigger than mine or even what I could imagine.