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Three years ago God tugged on my heart to leave a very secure and exciting college pastorate and move to Seattle to start a church. This past Sunday, after three years of listening to and following after God, Epic Life Church was officially opened.

And it was awesome!

We began the morning pulling the trailer to the theater and starting to set up a half hour late at 7:30am, but things started coming together and we broke at 9 am to pray and asked God to give us peace and let us enjoy the morning, no matter what happens.

Ten sandwich boards and an eight foot banner set out on the streets and outside the theater and then with the lights down on the house, lights up on the stage and a great atmosphere creating screen behind, D-Vic and the band cranked up the amps and worship ensued with 110 people in the main auditorium and twenty some kids in the children’s theater. The worship music ended with a hiphop hymn and Nathan rapping to bring it home. It was sweet.

I spoke on John 1:1, The Word/Logos with painted black boxes with white letters painted on them, “LOGOS” and explained the Epic Life vision and what God is doing in North Seattle and on Aurora.

We ended out with David’s own song, Your Words.  Then it was off to talk to people and encourage them and answer questions.  It was excellent!

By 12:30 pm we had the trailer packed back up and exited the theater clean and ready for the next movie.

Later that night we met to celebrate at our home with ample celebratory ice cream and toppings.

Thank you God for letting us be in the midst of your Story here in North Seattle.


Ezekiel 22:30 (New International Version)

“I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land…”

Epic Life Church is at a major crossroads. We are publicly bringing the Church to the attention of thousands in North Seattle and we need your help! I wish I could sit down and share everything God has been doing over the past year, because it has been amazing. He has allowed us to reach inside a community and see a lot of transformation, and many open doors.

Would you please “Stand in the Gap” and pray for us as we travel through the next two weeks? These are very important days and we need the protection that prayer brings. Also would you please “Stand in the Gap” and provide the financial covering we are in need of at this very moment. If each person who reads this blog would give Epic Life a one time gift of just $25 you would pay for every piece of advertising, the sound equipment and children’s ministry supplies. Many of you already are partnering with us; Thank you!

We just need to cross this one bridge financially, will you “Stand in the Gap for us? The power of many is great.

To give online go to the following link..

To give with a check you can mail it to:        Epic Life Church

Stand in the Gap Gift

10002 Aurora Ave. N

#36 PMB 5501

Seattle, WA 98133

Thank you so much for “Standing in the Gap” for Epic Life Church and for the thousands who will be touched because of this ministry.

Stand Strong, Live Epic,

Keith Carpenter

Lead Pastor Epic Life Church


It’s the end of July already and Kristine and I are on the last days of our two week vacation to Minnesota that has been all but a vacation. We have enjoyed being here with family and friends; it has been a huge blessing and wonderful catching up with everyone, but we are going need a few days off to catch up on sleep when we get home.

It hasn’t been a vacation. I have put on over 2,000 miles on Joyce Jarvinen’s Honda Pilot and every night has been very late and most mornings very early, along with speaking at five Sunday services.  God has opened doors to five new churches that are becoming partners in one way or the other too. Please pray with us that they would catch the vision and partner with us in one or more of the following ways.

  1. Prayer – Which is powerful and effective.
  2. Financially helping us reach our goals laid out below.
  3. Traveling and working along side us with teams from their home church/city.
  4. Advocacy – Telling others the Epic Life story and helping us expand our network.
  5. Relocating- People who would love to be living on the Edge and move to Seattle to help the Church planting process.

On October 4th we are planning on publicly launching Epic Life Church. This will be big stuff and is setting up a couple of very busy months. I have put together a list of things we will need to make this work.

Sound system and Lighting  –  $8,000
Children’s ministry – $4,000
(2) Video projectors  – $4,000
Covering rent for a year  –  $12,000
(2) new computers – $4,000
Marketing/Advertising/Branding – $10,000
Signage and printed materials – $2,000
Food and Coffee – $1,000
A Saturday Carnival – $8,000
A website – $1000
Windows in the acquired building – (6) at $1200 each
Prayer as we personally touch thousands of homes and 40,000 people in some way throughout the month of September with many community focused events, advertising, gifts and blessings.

I believe that we are the road to seeing hundreds of people show up on the 4th of October. I feel like the area of Seattle in which we are ministering has an incredible void of Christian influence, so much so that when we “open” Epic Life publicly it will be like a vacuum. I am believing God for very big things.  Will you pray with us as we increase our faith together?

Thank you.

Today I will be walking on Aurora praying for the street and the employees and business owners along the 90-110 stretch. I want to discover how we can minister to these specific people; men and women who see the neighborhood every day in unique ways and often times depressed ways. I will be praying specifically for the following:

  • The Adult book stores. (Praying that they would close because of a lack of clientele; that the owners and employees would come to know Jesus even before they get out of the business; that the clientele would feel a deep urge to seek Jesus before seeking this addiction.)
  • Cindy’s (The restaurant that is supposedly going to be turned into a strip club; praying that it wouldn’t; praying that if it does we can minister directly to the dancers and clientele and owner.)
  • The Warehouse. (The 30k sq. ft. building that is empty and for sale that we want to turn into an indoor skate park, climbing wall, volleyball courts, a creative environment to mentor kids and the Create Cafe; this is an impossible dream, but God is the God of impossible dreams; praying that the owner would cut the price in half or just out right give it to us.)
  • Influence (Praying for influence in the communities of that area; with the youth, residents, police, community boards, business owners.)
  • The Oak Tree Mall Theaters (Praying that we would be able to move into the theaters come October 4th and that we would be able to secure the entire building in the near future; influence with the owners and the mall community.)
  • Praying for specific divinely appointed conversations with several people who God is drawing to himself.

Please pray with me as he leads my feet to the places he needs my mouth to speak his words.

Thanksgiving day November 27th, 2008 our first Thanksgiving in our new home in North Seattle.

I have been ruined.

Today was amazing.

This is the first Thanksgiving in Seattle, our new home, where were we have been called to start a church. What will this church “look” like? Today, I believe, portrayed the “look” of Epic Life Church. It started slightly cloudy with the sun peeking through here and there as we headed to the football field to catch a rousing game with other families from the neighborhood in the 7th annual “mud-bowl” which was all but a “mud-bowl” as we played on the new junior-high turf. We met several dads and their kids for an hour playing ball and then hit the Starbucks for mint hot chocolate. The dads I met were surgeons, high powered business consultants and the like, living in sweet spots with mountain and sound views here in North Seattle. It was a great group to connect with and with the hope of seeing again because their kids go to the same school as ours.

Thanksgiving meal was prepared and served by 5:30 pm to all of our team, except Casey Ties, who is in Minnesota now, and to Hsui Yin, from Taiwan, and Jaimie and Richardo, brothers from Mexico, 18 and nine respectfully. We had a great time, eating, playing and sharing the things we are thankful for.

It was wonderful listening to Hsui Yin share about how she feels God has brought her to our group to experience the joy. She is moving back to Taiwan tomorrow. We prayed for her and were able to send her off with many hugs. I believe she still has many questions about God and her position with Him. We have been able to share much with her over the weeks and now pray that she will continue to seek for answers and that God provide other Christ followers to continue to water the seed and be ready for the harvest.

Jaimie and Richardo had a great time. Richardo is a football teammate of Kaden’s and Jaimie is his older brother, whom I have been having conversations with throughout the fall football season. They came to church one night with their mother, who didn’t understand much because her English isn’t the best. I was able to talk with him about Christ and gave him a Bible, to start in John and asked him to make time to discuss it with me.

Later in the evening I took the boys home…to a 10 x 50 trailer house in an extremely run down trailer park, just off Aurora and 125th. My heart was ripped from my chest and crushed as I talked with Narcissa, their mother, who just lost her job and is trying to support her two sons, with the hope of keeping them off the streets. I realized that just a few minutes ago they left a five bedroom two story home filled with lively games and people and piles of food to return to their humble lives. Kaden came with me and was awesome as he recalled aloud our own living in a mobile home in Winona and how much he “loved living there.” Admittedly, those are great memories. Narcissa has lived a hard life, moving from Mexico in 1988 and living here for the past seventeen years.

I drove home with many thanksgivings on my lips as Kaden and I talked about what we had seen this day. The vast difference in lifestyles and how God is moving in our lives. I got a vision of what our church looks like from the three different people groups we met today…a fellowship of believers from every walk of life who are living in such a way that Acts 2:42 is being lived out in real authentic ways.

We must give thanks for the things we take for granted; like beds, chairs, tables, living rooms, kitchens, warmth, light, ideas, friends, partners, spouses, and the list should go on and on.

Tonight I will sleep slightly ruined. Ruined in such a way that will open my eyes to the people surrounding me, the people I pass on the streets, the ethnically diverse, the old and young, the rich and poor, etc. I must consider others better than I and take on the very attitude of Christ Jesus, that of humility. Philippians 2:1-11.

Lord please ruin me everyday so that my eyes will see the lives around me as you see them.

Sightings of God

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Just a quick note.  God is showing us that he is has allowed us to join him in the adventure. Here are just a few of the sighting of his movement.

  • The names of our neighbors and their grown kids  –  Ken, Cathy, Kristine, Conner, Keith, Cody, Kevin,which just happens to be the names of our kids or brothers.
  • I went to Shoreline Community College – 9,000 students – 1/2 mile away, just to see what’s happening on the campus. The first person I met in the Student Union is the International Program Director. At Winona State University I was heavily involved with the International office in the welcoming of international students, which brought many into H2O.
  • We took Kaden to school this morning, which is a big deal here, there were many, many parents sending their children off. Kristine stopped by a table to side up to be a volunteer and turned to ask a mother standing next to her. Julie, whose husband is Kelly Keith and lives four houses away, is a Christian and has a son who is 13, Aaron Keith, who will be playing football with Konnor.
  • Kristine got a call from a welcome person from Kaden’s school. She has four boys, the two youngest are Kody’s and Kaleb’s ages and she is a stay-at-home mom. They’re planning to get together.
  • Kristine got a phone call from a volunteer at the school welcoming us to the community. The lady is a stay at home mother with four boys the same ages as ours.
  • Josh Dower, a young Coast Guardsman, search us out and has become part of Epic Life Church
  • Ngawang and Doma Chagzoetsang who lived in the house next to us asked me to help them get their home ready to sell and then gave us $500 of Duraflame firelogs and a brand new $500 Craftsman lawnmower.  Pray for them, God is drawing them in.
  • A lady stopped by to look at the house for sale next door. I was outside and said, “hi.” She said,” Oh I saw you and your son at the junior high and told my son that your son looked like a good kid to get to know.”

And on it goes, this is just what’s happening with our family.

When God is in charge and moving things just start happening.

An Epic Week

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This is it. Our final week in Winona, MN.  Half of our team will be leaving for Seattle on the 30th of June, right around the calendar corner. The rest will be out by the end of July, Brandon and Carissa will be out right after their child is born. This is a crazy week packed full of more things than a human should be capable of accomplishing in a twenty-four hour day.  While we are packing our lives into brown cardboard boxes, we are preparing our rental property to be left in the hands of a manager, cleaning my office out at Pleasant Valley Church, having dinner nightly with friends to say goodbye, traveling to three different cities to raise funding partners, and trying to spend time with our boys so they feel like they are part of this.

It is so good to be in God’s will and walking in his footprints with confidence.  We get the privilege to be on the front row of his miraculous.  Wow.  We are clay in the potter’s hands, he is molding us to accomplish his work and we are useless without him. May we be used completely for only his purposes and none of our own.

Live Life Loud.