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A year and a half ago God brought us to a strange land of evergreen trees and a salty breeze. We landed in Seattle not knowing anyone, not knowing where to start this church God was calling us to start and not knowing where to find jobs for everyone on the team, not even knowing where to live. It seemed the best place to start would be to unite in one of the native gathering establishments and plug into the all-knowing and all-encompassing electronic cyber fishing net while sipping some hot brew from the local roast, grind and brew.

So we convened at one such enterprise with the name Hotwire attached to it’s front door. After ordering our favorite brew we sat along one wall together searching for occupational pursuits and domicile habitats with our laptops taking up all the spaces on the small tables. We introduced ourselves to the purveyor of the beany environment who told us the name would soon be changed and that we should return if we were able, “and, by the way, good luck with your church.”

We were new and it was a strange land.

Fast forward eighteen moons.

Sunday, February 28, 2010 we were once again sitting in this same cafe. But this time the name on the door read Laughing Ladies and we were among fifty friends from God’s newly established Epic Life Church here in our city, Seattle.  DVic played his musical wares and mesmerized the audience for two spans of 60 minutes. We filled the establishment and it was a beautifully miraculous night of laughter, singing and encouraging God’s people.

And the once foreign and unknown Laughing Ladies on 15th & 177th became Church.