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We are off.

After a four hour night sleep and packing all day and adding another 16 ft. truck we left Winona Monday the 30th at 5 pm, yes two and half hours late, but really what is late. We headed for Worthington, MN to stay the night with Kristine’s dad and family. Most of them were able to come to see us and give us a few parting words. Let’s be honest some of them really aren’t happy about his venture to start a Christ centered fellowship in Seattle, and they expressed it, kindly. But Kristine’s big brother Ken said it beautifully, “You guys are living. You have gotten out of the rut of life that so easily entangles us and you are living.” I needed that Father.

We had tough conversations with Kristine’s dad, He felt like I am uprooting my family from something that is good and moving into the scary and uncertain. I respectfully told him that when a plant in his garden gets too big… sometimes to help the plant continue growing it needs to be divided, uprooting one part and replanting it in another place where it can grow and add more beauty to the garden. I think he understood my analogy. In the long run he supports what God is doing and ended the night by giving us his blessing. He is a good man who understands that people are lost and need a Savior. We needed that Father.

We left early this morning to jump the South Dakota Gap and try ending up in Montana. With a stop at Chamberlain on the Missouri and then at the Mt Rushmore Heads we headed towards Belle Fourche (pronounced – Bell Foosh), SD to stay at Wyatt’s Hideaway Campground. Pulling into the campground sparsely occupied we met with Ken the owner who pointed us towards three parking lots. The car and van and 16 foot truck with car in tow parked just fine. I took my 26 ft. heavy loaded diesel pulling the Mini Cooper around the turn and into a bit of grass only to sink in about eight inches. Ken came over with his backhoe and pulled me out, leaving trenches in his nice grass. He was frustrated, but cordial. Come to find out the place he wanted me to pull in had his drain field pipes in the ground and we would have done some major damage to them, so God protected us there. For the night we parked in the road.

Upon unloading the camping equipment we noticed the six man tent the Carpenter’s were going to sleep in was no where to be found. Hmmm. Probably deep in one of the trucks.

Ken came back around with a couple of pales of water to feed a newly planted tree and asked where we were going. I told him Seattle and why and he began letting us know what the church could do better. As a Christian man and observing “Christians” be taught to love others and tell others they love them but falling apart when they do nothing. I chatted with him and we struck up a great conversation, he was genuinely excited about what we are doing.

When we began to part ways I asked him if he happened to have an extra tent we could borrow. Nope – instead he took us to his fifth wheel camper that sleeps six extremely comfortably. Thanks Father, we needed that.

Dave and Aaron slept in the other tent. Erika and Sam in the back of the van, Casey in the diesel’s bench seat. We are all dry and out of the mosquitoes.

That night a storm rolled through dumping inches of rain and striking inside the campgrounds. My tent we would have been sleeping in, had many holes in it, we would have been very wet. I am glad the tent was lost.

Father we just ask that you rain down your blessing onto Ken at Wyatt’s Hideaway Campgrounds. Please fill the ground to the max every night every summer and give him a huge number of winter campers.

We will be off to Montana on Highway 212 by 7 am.

“Father, give us your calming Spirit and help us to see your many blessing. We will miss our friends in Winona; they mean so much to us! The Wineys, Meyers, Dennisens, and Ellefsens, who are our Winona small group, the PVC Staff and so many more who have done so much for us and have been an important part of our ministry for so long.

Currently we are homeless.