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It’s been quite a while since I have posted a note on my blog, honestly it has been incredibly busy here in Seattle. Incredibly busy but incredibly exciting as well! I wish I could sit down and tell all of you personally what has been happening here and how God has been blessing us. Recently though my blog has been very busy with visitors. 1500 visitors have gone to a blog I posted a while back about a mushroom. It must be mushrooming season, when people look for info on mushrooms, they are coming here and getting a story about identity. Pretty cool.

Just this past Sunday night after the Epic Life service I invited everyone to join me at the Twin Gardens Asian Restaurant for some appetizers and fellowship. Just like in Acts when the people listened to the apostles teaching and broke Chinese appetizers together and God added to their numbers daily. This small restaurant is one that just opened and one which I have had lunch at a couple of times. Hey $4.95 for more than I can eat makes a great lunch.  The owners are a young brother and sister duo.  About twenty young men and women joined me along with Konnor and Kaden. It was so awesome watching Cynthia’s eyes as everyone came through the door. I am sure, for a new business, this would be fantastic for her.  We ate and laughed and told stories and spoke about God’s greatness and call to plant a church and gave Cynthia a round of applause, as we ran up a $150 bill.  I slipped over to the counter when everyone showed signs of going home and asked for the bill.  Cynthia told me that someone came in off the street and paid for all of it. Who? She didn’t know and couldn’t describe him with her broken English. I couldn’t believe it.

Kaden is positive it was an Angel.

We packed up and Cynthia slipped a gift certificate across the counter to me. I thanked her gratefully without looking at the amount. Konnor, Kaden and I landed in the Cooper and sped off to the nearest stop-light, where I opened the gift certificate.  $80.   What?!? That would feed me lunch everyday for sixteen days.  I feel like I can’t accept it, because it is way to much. What would the average American restaurant owner do, $5, maybe. This over the top gift really speaks into her Chinese culture and her gratitude.

The Twin Gardens Asian Restaurant is right across the street from the theater, in which we will be opening Epic Life Church publicly on October 4th. Guess where I’ll be sending everyone for lunch after the rocking worship services?