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For lunch break today I took the boys down to the dock in Gig Harbor where our friend Mark Colley and his boys were “fishing” for rock crabs. Using a large fishing rod with heavy line and a book-like cage on the end with a chicken leg for bate, Mark would toss the cage out into the harbor let it sink in the drink and then wait for a hungry crab to wonder past and snatch some “chicken of the sea.” When the trap is pulled in, it closes like a book, bringing the unwary pincher baring creature to the surface. Six and a half inches is big enough for the pot of boiling water and the dinner table.

While we were there one of Mark’s sons, Teagan, pulled in a rat fish, probably the ugliest fish I have ever seen. Also a boy about eleven years old pulled in a dogfish, a two and half foot shark. Both of these fish are linked here – Ratfish and dogfish. We watched several sail boats come in and out of the harbor and talked with many people from all over the country.

While we were there I got a call from our church planting network with an invitation to speak at a church plant in Des Moines, WA this Sunday. Their pastor is in the National Guard and got called out this Sunday, so I decided to help them out. It will be nice since I haven’t been able to speak for several months and it would be great to encourage another church that just started up a few months ago. Please pray that God will use me to speak truth and encouragement.

I want to thank all of you who read these posts. It really encourages me that you have an interest in what God is doing through us in Seattle. I know there are several of you who read this because you believe in what we are doing and are looking for ways to pray and encourage. I also know that there are several of you who read this even though you disagree with what we are doing and might possibly be looking for an “I told you so” moment. What ever the reason you are tuning my prayer is that you are able to unequivocally see what God is doing and be completely confident that God has called us here.

Thanks for those of you who post comments, I can’t tell you how encouraged Kristine and I feel when you have thoughts that continue a topic. We are so blessed to be surrounded by all of you, our family.

Often I have felt that God has been fishing for us and like the crab that we were catching today had to be thrown back if they were too small; he has been waiting for us to be “six and a half inches,” because then we would be ready for the “boiling pot.”

Keep growing.