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Posted: April 25, 2008 in random thoughts
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If I could  –  I would…

  1. Go sky diving.
  2. Learn to scube dive.
  3. Scube dive in the Great Barrior Reef.
  4. Climb Mount Rainier again.
  5. Go Hangliding.
  6. Write a book.
  7. Write a musical.
  8. Write a children’s book.
  9. Travel around the world.
  10. Own a rasberry orchard.
  11. Own a vinyard.
  12. Spend a month in the Rocky mountain wilderness.
  13. Travel to New Zealand and Australia.
  14. Go caving in South America.
  15. Dig a well in Africa.
  16. Open an orphanage in Central America.
  17. Adopt several little girls and boys from impoverished countries.
  18. Learn to play the violin.
  19. Sit on a beach with my wife.
  20. Read all of G.K. Chesterton’s writings.
  21. Learn to fly.
  22. Spend a month in Italy with Kristine.
  23. Take our families on a cruise at the same time.
  24. Learn to surf.
  25. Bounce on the trampelene with my boys.
  26. Produce a movie.
  27. Act in a movie.
  28. Act in a Broadway musical.
  29. Open a restoration home for young women.
  30. Learn to play the piano.
  31. Own a ranch.
  32. Open an International House of Pancakes.
  33. Open an art school for homeless people.
  34. Open an art studio/coffee shop.
  35. Run for Mayor.
  36. Climb Mount Kilamanjaro.
  37. Own a sale boat.
  38. Learn to sale.
  39. Float the Colorado River.
  40. Climb the Grand Canyon.
  41. Ski Alaska.
  42. Own a home in Malaysia.
  43. Snow ski and ocean swim New Zealand in the same day.
  44. Drive Canada to Mexico on the west coast.
  45. Climb Half Dome.
  46. Canoe the Columbia River beginning to Pacific.
  47. Do a forty day fast.
  48. Share the Gospel with the West Borneo natives.
  49. Learn to play the Bass Guitar.
  50. Travel up the Amazon River.
  51. Visit the Galopagos Islands.
  52. Visit Easter Island.
  53. Climb a mountain in Chili.
  54. Paint an oil canvas of a Light House.
  55. Read to my great grand children
  56. Marry my boys.
  57. Have a cup of coffee with President of the United States.
  58. Visit the Holy Land.
  59. Visit Moroco.
  60. Minister in South Africa with the Carlsons.
  61. Kayak all the rivers out of Mount Rainier.
  62. Live near my brothers and sister and parents.
  63. Spend a week with Kristine in Hawaii.
  64. Memorize the book of John.
  65. Talk my family to Disney Land.
  66. Cruise the Medaterranian.
  67. Fish for Marlin.
  68. Minister in Fiji.
  69. Race a car on a track.
  70. Go to the Summer Olympics.
  71. Be independantly wealthy.
  72. Drive a Farrari.
  73. Visit the great cities of Europe with Kristine.
  74. See the Great Wall of China.
  75. See the Great Pyramids.
  76. Sale the Pacific Ocean – From Seattle, Wa to China.
  77. Take the Bible into North Korea.
  78. Learn Mandarine Chinese.
  79. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon.
  80. Speak in front of 100,000 people.
  81. Cliff Dive.
  82. Swim with dolphins.
  83. Own a 20s gangster car.
  84. Build and finance a home for a homeless family.
  85. Minister in Calcuta where Mother Theresa served.
  86. Celebrate our 80th wedding anniversary.
  87. Buy a dieing town and restore it.
  88. Climb Mount McKinley.
  89. Drive from the Northern most part of Alaska to the southern tip of South America.
  90. Act in Les Miserables.
  91. See Trans Siberian Ochestra in Concert.
  92. Spent a week on a tiny Island in the South Pacific Ocean.
  93. Learn Spanish.
  94. Adopt an African village.
  95. Climb Mount Saint Helen’s rim.
  96. Canoe Lake Titicaca.
  97. Visit Deception Island.
  98. Cross the Gobi Desert.
  99. Visit the Island of Beru.
  100. Start a Church…Oh I’m doing that. Yes! One down 99 to go…