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This video portrays well some of the thoughts I have had on education in this post-modern era, many of the erroneous ways we do education, or are forced to do education, has been brought to light in my own life as a continual student and as I watch my own children go through school. I feel there needs to be something better, something more, an education system that ceases stifle creativity and desire to learn.

Sadly we in the Christian world have adopted the same modern era, industrial, educational systems and forced our seminarians into a mass produced pastoral degree with little real life experience. Great knowledge but with little wisdom and creativity. We have to some how move our system from a linear learning experience where we teach all kids of the same age the same things to a circular learning experience where kids (and adults) continue learning in a way they learn best and an age in which they are ready to learn; not just adding onto what they have learned but multiplying their knowledge into wisdom.

I am sure I have a lot to think about on this subject, but this video in it’s incredibly creative form is thinking out loud with me.