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An Epic Week

Posted: June 24, 2008 in Seattle Church Plant
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This is it. Our final week in Winona, MN.  Half of our team will be leaving for Seattle on the 30th of June, right around the calendar corner. The rest will be out by the end of July, Brandon and Carissa will be out right after their child is born. This is a crazy week packed full of more things than a human should be capable of accomplishing in a twenty-four hour day.  While we are packing our lives into brown cardboard boxes, we are preparing our rental property to be left in the hands of a manager, cleaning my office out at Pleasant Valley Church, having dinner nightly with friends to say goodbye, traveling to three different cities to raise funding partners, and trying to spend time with our boys so they feel like they are part of this.

It is so good to be in God’s will and walking in his footprints with confidence.  We get the privilege to be on the front row of his miraculous.  Wow.  We are clay in the potter’s hands, he is molding us to accomplish his work and we are useless without him. May we be used completely for only his purposes and none of our own.

Live Life Loud.