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Today I will be walking on Aurora praying for the street and the employees and business owners along the 90-110 stretch. I want to discover how we can minister to these specific people; men and women who see the neighborhood every day in unique ways and often times depressed ways. I will be praying specifically for the following:

  • The Adult book stores. (Praying that they would close because of a lack of clientele; that the owners and employees would come to know Jesus even before they get out of the business; that the clientele would feel a deep urge to seek Jesus before seeking this addiction.)
  • Cindy’s (The restaurant that is supposedly going to be turned into a strip club; praying that it wouldn’t; praying that if it does we can minister directly to the dancers and clientele and owner.)
  • The Warehouse. (The 30k sq. ft. building that is empty and for sale that we want to turn into an indoor skate park, climbing wall, volleyball courts, a creative environment to mentor kids and the Create Cafe; this is an impossible dream, but God is the God of impossible dreams; praying that the owner would cut the price in half or just out right give it to us.)
  • Influence (Praying for influence in the communities of that area; with the youth, residents, police, community boards, business owners.)
  • The Oak Tree Mall Theaters (Praying that we would be able to move into the theaters come October 4th and that we would be able to secure the entire building in the near future; influence with the owners and the mall community.)
  • Praying for specific divinely appointed conversations with several people who God is drawing to himself.

Please pray with me as he leads my feet to the places he needs my mouth to speak his words.