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Just a few days ago I tweeted that the Epic Life Church Sunday service was quite messy and it was beautiful!

I wish I could explain that a bit more, but it is hard to do without writing about individual people and betraying their confidence. But I also believe it is so important for those of you who read this, and are outside of the Epic Life family here in North Seattle, to understand what God is doing the lives He is re-creating right now.

So I will craft this gently. If you read this and believe I am writing about you please don’t take offense, it is not my goal to embarrass or point fingers, but to encourage prayer and support as well as encourage others who may be going through the same things or are afraid to go through what God is taking us through.

God has counted us worthy to worship with several homeless men and women throughout this summer and it is my prayer they continue to attend and that God will allow us to be helpful to them as we are to the Body as a whole. This past Sunday these men and women played an important role at Epic Life. Let me explain.

Every Sunday we arrive bright and early at the Oaktree Cinema to begin the “set-up” process. The truck and trailer usually arrives at 7:15am when we begin off loading the stage into the theater. This week as the rain fell hard the truck showed up at 7:45 am. The late start pushed everything and we found ourselves scrambling, but found out it was all in God’s plan of allowing church to be messy and loving it. The sound and band practiced late into our prayer time, the prayer time ran late, frustrating me and not adequately allowing us to prepare for the morning. We welcomed rain dampened guests and regular attenders into the theater as we began to worship a few minutes after the start time. (But we are discovering the bizarre world of half of our people showing up 10-20 minutes into the service.)

Jeff Campbell, our pastor who is over the House Church ministry, spoke about the Apostle Peter and how he blew it but made a comeback because of Jesus’ grace.  Jeff was nervous and felt fairly insecure about his talk, as he is learning and discovering the giftings that God has given him. He was prepared well and the message was spot on, but this morning presented a particularily difficult environment to present this message.

Often a few of our homeless brothers and sisters talk and agree during the message, which if you are not use to can be a bit challenging to stay focused. Often several of them come slightly intoxicated or high. No problem, we love it that they feel comfortable enough to attend and build friendships with us, now becoming their family.
This past Sunday one lady not only had way to much to drink that morning but had a full coffee mug of liquor, which she accidentally spilt at the beginning of Jeff’s talk. As he tried to focus this lady stands up cursing because her boose is now running down the floor under the six rows of people in front of her.
It became a scene quickly a she tried to get oriented enough to leave. She stumbled around trying to figure out what to do. Kristine stands up and puts her arm around her and helps her walk out as another lady joins them. They help her get back to her camper, parked on the street a few blocks away.

I have to say I was disappointed to see her go. I am praying she is able to return this Sunday and doesn’t feel bad or unloved, because we do love her, a lot.

God prompted me to stand up at the end of the service and speak into the situation, so we would all know and be confident that we as Epic Life Church will always love those the world does not. And let’s face it, there really isn’t that much difference be her and me.

Thank you Father for counting us worthy to minister to the lease of these.