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Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized
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The Christmas season is truly the best time of year to share the Good News. Even in Seattle where Christmas has long ago become a holiday of irreligious proportions, the once common wish of “Merry Christmas” is still heard through waves of holiday greetings like a wisp of pure air in smoke filled bar. As Christ’s Goodness is slowly pushed out of the English vernacular the need for that same Goodness grows rapidly. We live in a society that greatly desires the no-strings-attached love of the God of the Universe but seeks it out in the self focused instantly gratifying addiction of Stuff. Whether that Stuff comes in the form of tangible merchandise neatly placed under a Christmas tree or the emotional feelings of having people around us, it all comes at a great cost. We are consistently attracted to what we can purchase, with coin, time or soul. Stuffology should become a Bible college major helping us to understand the fascination with stuff and the purchase of that stuff. Why can’t we accept a free gift, the free gift of Grace? We have been enslaved by the great demon of Stuff and his evil sister of Purchase. Our “humanness” has trouble accepting a gift that has no expectations attached to it. We feel a great need to purchase all things.

As Christ-followers, we are anomalies in that; we believe the greatest Gift ever given requires nothing in a purchasing return.