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When we first started thinking about raising money to cover a three year budget, I thought,  “No big deal.”  Then I found out how much it will cost to do ministry in Seattle, Wa.  A place where a modest three bedroom house costs a mere $650,000. Yeah that’s right. Pretty crazy.  Then stack the slight burden I am starting to feel about bringing ten other ministers with us into that atmosphere. Whoa. And then start thinking about ministry costs. Whoa.

Some have asked, “Why would you go somewhere that costs so much to live?” “Why not use all that money to help people in Africa?” “Why go to a city that is wealthy looking.” Valid questions, I guess, but when thought through they should answer themselves. We are going because God called us.  It doesn’t matter if the cost of living is a dollar a day or 1,000 big ones a day, the fact is the people in Seattle need a transforming relationship with Jesus, period, and since my God is a big God the money issue will be a non-issue when we need it.  If a place like Seattle is transformed it could change our entire nation. We are being called into something that’s big, and if we follow close to the one who called us we will be successful. And “Successful” can only be understood from His perspective. 

The finances that it will take to start a church? Well, I am back to “No big deal.” It all belongs to him anyway, what’s a couple hundred thousand to Him? Anyway, we haven’t even started asking people to commit to helping with the funding, but they have started asking us how they can give and they have started giving above, no, way above the amount that we are planning on asking people to give. That’s my God! The God of abundance. The God of big. The God of, “just test me and see if I will throw open the flood gates of heaven…”