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Posted: February 16, 2011 in Of Spiritual Things
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I am consistently amazed at the way God leads us.; step by step to a door that seems thick, locked and impenetrable, yet consistently he opens them up and shows us the miraculous on the other side. Our responsibility is to follow. Following takes movement; intentional action to trust the leading of the Spirit and that the steps we tread will not harm us. Oh it might hurt, but we should know that the pain of our Master is so good and opens more doors.

On the other side of the door in front of you lies the miraculous. It isn’t even our responsibility to open the door, but before He opens the door he wants to know if we are willing to walk through it. He isn’t going to open the door if we are just going to stand there and peak through, He will open it when we are willing to walk through it.

Get ready the doors are opening…