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We are working with the Seattle Church Planting Network under the direction of Gary Irby and have gotten a few opportunities to sit and learn from him. He has been in this position for eight years and previously a church planter himself. Inside of the past eight years 80 churches have been planted in the Seattle/Tacoma area, the vast majority being in suburbia. We hosted him in Winona for a dessert to which we had 70 people come to hear him speak about planting churches and more importantly planting churches in Seattle. It was a great night.

This week I am at the Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis, to try networking with other planters and hopefully to find some partners who will support the church in Seattle.

Gary Irby is here also.  I am amazed at how many people know him and respect him. Everyone I speak with about church planting including Ed Stetzer, the author of several books on church planting and now research, knows who Gary is and even more holds him in high regard.  We are getting the opportunity to work with and learn from a man who is highly respected by the world of church planters.

Thank you God for bringing us to this network of church planters with great leadership.