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I don’t know what to tell you
I don’t know what to say
All I can do
Is try to portray

Got my bags packed
Know where I’m Going
I planned it all night
So I’m gunna be flowing

I know who I am
I know what I’ve got,
Gunna walk to the top
Cause I’ve got a shot

I’m Going to the top
Cause I’ve got a shot

Not lookin’ back
Going all the way
Going to the place
Where its gunna pay

I’ve got it planned out
I’ve booked it on line
I’ve planned on the map
Its gunna be fine.

First I’ll go here
Then I’ll go there
I’ll jump in a plane
And pay my fare

All across the world
Gunna trade and Gunna borrow
I’ll make a bunch of cash
And then there’s tomorrow!

I’m the King of fortune
Gunna lay it all out
Nothin’ gunna stop me
Come on gimme a shout!

I know who I am
I know what I’ve got,
Gunna walk to the top
Cause I’ve got a shot

I’m going to the top
Cause I’ve got a shot

My plans are secure
I know what I need
Don’t need no intervention
Don’t need to take heed

I know what’s best
For my life down the road
I’ll do all this stuff
And then I’ll reload

I’m gunna fill my cup
With all that good life
If my girl doesn’t like me
I’ll get a new wife!

I’ll buy a big house
You know I deserve it
With no money down
The bank will preserve it.

Buy a bunch of new stuff
To fill up the space
Put it on the card
And run the credit race

Oh the smell of a new car
I can make payments
Gap and Abercrombie
Gots my new rayments

Poppin with my new ring
Hippin with my jacket
Bright shiny shoes
Oh I’m gunna crack it

My phone with a tone
My screen with a sheen
My car with a star
Cause it is up to par!
A bag with a swag
Wheels with appeal
A girl with swirl
Yeah I’ve got a game with fame
On my X-box 720
You know it’ll come
And I’ll be there with my money.

I’ve got bling I my swing,
Well not me personally,
But you know what I mean.

Yeah I’m bankin on tomorrow
But so… are we all
Later tonight
The Prez will make the call.

Gotta have it now
Tomorrow I’ll pay
Or maybe the next
That’s what I’ll say

What…I’ve got 50 yrs
To get my desires
Before I’m pushin daisies
And singing in the choirs

I’ll wait till the end
Then make my amends
This time until then
I’m gunna hang ten

Gunna do some bungie jumping
And a roller coaster ride
Gunna hit up the surf
And play in that tide

Gunna drive real fast
Down the open road
And find some chemicals
So my brain will overload

I’m gunna jump from a plane
And reach for the rip cord
But no shoot opens…
Oh… My… Lord!

I had 50 yrs
But my time is up
I traveled so far
Tryin to fill my cup

I thought I’d be successful
With my big big plan
I didn’t even realize
I’m only just a man.

I spent all this time
Planning my days
And didn’t even see
He was shinin through the haze.

What if I changed my life
And did a hard thing?
What if I turned my heart
And let the Master sing?