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Well it actually is called “Boot Camp,” but to me that holds a negative war connotation so I would rather call it training, intense training.

Kristine and Brandon and I were in Seattle for a church planting training week. Ten hours a day, four days. It was very long but extremely awesome! We covered everything from Vision to strategy to finances to taxes. My brain runneth over.

Cool things – God has given us the ideas, visions and directions that put us ahead in many of the areas. We found out that we had a lot done, but more was added to the list, a lot more. We did discover the freedom of “Mileposts.” They taught us to plan things within milepost not according to timeline. So now we have five million Post-It notes that represent mileposts of which we will continually take down as we accomplish them.

The week was also extremely beneficial as we met many other church planters, husbands, wives and teams. Great networks! This will be so important when we get there; the greater collective wisdom the better. They will be awesome friends and cohorts.

Towards the end we got to look into a couple of homes for sale and get a Realtor on our case. Her name is Susan and she is great! Pray for her. Pray also for God’s house to be placed in front of us and for us to have the sight to see it and the faith to move ahead with it even though we will not have an income. People have asked, “So…you’re purchasing a house even though you won’t have an income?” The answer is a resounding, “Yep.” Remember this whole church plant idea is God’s, so that makes him in charge. Our part is trusting him.

We once again visited All Saints Church in Queen Anne, which was wonderful. Pastor Bill and others there are very excited that we are planting and have committed to helping in any way that they can.

So we move forward with confidence.