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This past Sunday we, the leadership of Epic Life Church, had a meeting that should be told in the annals of time in the history of Epic Life. I got the opportunity to sit around the room with young men and women, mostly in their 20s, and discuss passionately the future of Epic Life Church, the church God is establishing here on Aurora Ave. in North Seattle.

I have been in many “church” meeting in my life and am continually amazed at the level of maturity in the leadership at Epic Life. We are seriously in the trenches right now because of our lack of financial bounty. We have to make some serious choices to decrease spending, none of which seem good, especially since we don’t spend.  Without going into the nitty-gritty of the choices we have to make I want to describe what’s happening.

God is taking a group of common men and women stretching and pull them, beating them up, applying pressure and strain on them in ways most would run from. But none of these leaders are running away. Because of the strength of the team we are being built up in ways many people may never allow to happen in their lives. We are in the trenches right now and its scary. But that is exactly where God wants us. He is doing his work in us, recreating each of us and setting a firm foundation for the months and years to come.  The outcome will be bright and beautiful and quite miraculously amazing.

Thank you God for counting us worthy to be stressed in this way, to be forced to depend on you, and to be strengthened.  This is the stuff from which heroes are born, from which great leaders are created and from where humble confidence becomes natural.

Thank you Father for counting us worthy.

Where Do We Turn

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Prayer
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I have just stepped out of a meeting with my leaders and the newly formed financial team, who have just gotten a great handle on our finances, discovering we are $6000 in the hole every month, one heck of a serious amount for a church that hasn’t even been around for a year and sporting a whopping 85ish people on a Sunday morning, most of which are very low income to no income at all. Here we are deep into the summer months, which typically are the months of the lowest attendance a church could have which only translates into much less tithe coming in, which, I assume, will only make that monthly deficit a higher amount of red numbers on a spread sheet that I am sure I will have to face in just a couple of weeks when I try to decide which bills or staff to pay or more importantly not to pay.  I don’t know where to turn, what to do. I am on my knees constantly seeking the Father’s words but not hearing.

I had a church planting strategist from New York ask me the other day, “What have you found to be the most difficult?”    Honestly I could be on the streets in bare feet and shirtless telling people about Christ, serving others, working, teaching, encouraging, helping, heck you could light me on fire day in and day out with no reprieve and I would continue to love it. But this, this financial burden is so heavy. So incredibly heavy. I have never felt a pressure that weighed down on me in such serious way. I feel responsible; I know I’m not – God is. But the burden is heavy.

My quandary is that God is working in serious ways as people are coming to his saving Grace and the church is growing and great things are happening! I have never been more sure that we are in the right place at the right time in all aspects, except for finances. We are in serious trouble!

Times like these are where heroes are made. These are the trenches of the church that few people experience as they sit happily in their chair singing and listening. We get the privilege of being on the edge of the impossible like no other. And, we will get the privilege of being present when God’s miraculous hand provides. It is in the trenches that real men and women are created, as God prepares us for something greater. We will work hard now and we will discover the next move as God directs us. We will pursue the balance to our budget and pray like we never have before. It will not be said of us that we fled in the face of fear but that we stood up and looked at the impossible in the face and then advanced. I am committed to doing that over and over as long as I am called to move forward.

If you read this, please pray for us and pass this on – for we need the people of God to pray for us.

Thank you.