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Unity Flipped

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Uncategorized
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There’s been a lot of talk about unity lately. It’s pretty much coming from everyone. Unity in the political parties; unity among church and ministries; unity of the world’s countries; unity of races; unity between religions; unity between members on a team. Heck people even cry for unity between the Pro-lifers and the Pro-choicers.

If I am understanding unity correctly what those calling for unity are advocating is a world where everyone is on the same page, we work together, put aside our differences and come together and believe in the same things. This would be a great thing, but what I see in the stances of those around me and looking at politics, races, countries and all the area I just listed and many more, is what people really mean when they call out for unity is this, “You and I we need to be unified, put aside your differences and come to my side and we will be unified.” Yes there will be unity, but only because one party has had to completely change his views and this isn’t necessarily healthy, in fact could be called communism or be a cult.

People get frustrated because others aren’t unified with them but they themselves aren’t willing to relinquish anything. Basically unity calls for both sides to not hold to some beliefs or ideals as tightly as they would want if everyone agreed with them. True unity comes only if everyone believes and holds to the same philosophy, theology, and any other ology you can think of.

What often happens is when someone calls for unity, they are not willing to back down on a certain premise, calling the other side to change to become unified, hence creating division faster than unity. Often when unity is sought after disunity becomes the result.

So how do we get unity? We agree that we can disagree. In the church there are some truths that are essentials to the Faith and do not allow disunity, whereas other nonessentials that if disagreed upon do not have to create disunity.

But let’s be honest Unity in itself is extremely hard to ever achieve. Maybe a better thought is, “Let’s just work together on what we agree on and not take the other so seriously.” Don’t expect everyone to change to be like you. To achieve unity you may have to give up a few “rights” of your own. And let’s face it true unity even between those who agree on things is pretty much impossible to establish.

Unity requires Grace.

(Please continue to read the comments that discuss this further, thanks)