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I wish I could draw an illustration on my blog, this map will have to suffice for now.

The focus of Epic Life church is narrowing in on the Aurora Avenue North communities between Winona St. at about 80th all the way up to 109th st. In this two square mile plot of urban earth there resides approximately 20,000 people from all over the world along with the North Seattle Community College, which boasts 18,000 learners coming and going on a daily basis. There are a few lower scale shopping areas, some small eating establishments, a large health care clinic, and mostly lower income housing intermixed with brand new ridiculously priced condos. Aurora Avenue cuts through the middle of this tract of land with 24,000 cars a week on six lanes of traffic and boasts of run down businesses, six adult video stores, several palm readers and their kind, many run down seedy hotels and several empty retail business fronts. On the southern most end of this area there is one healthy church. One. God is directing our steps and they are leading to N47 42’9.18″ and W122 20′ 41.62″

This particular point on the earths crust, if you look at the map above, is right across the street from a movie theater and small shopping center, just in between 101st and 102nd. The 3,000 sq. ft. building is currently for lease and would make a beautiful creatively designed coffee shop environment with the creative flare of our team and one hand of the Epic Life Church extended into the community. It could be a business that would give aesthetic beauty to the street’s fairly rundown faces and would be a “house” that would allow us to be the aroma of Christ with the aroma of coffee wafting through the air. Half of this space could be transformed into a Righteous creative studio with the journey of art in the moment of creation.

The business idea would also allow us to offer a third “environment” setting for people who are seeking out a community other than the less the reputable establishments hosted by the Avenue of Desire. We would also run it in such a way that we would be able to pay professional barristas and create an income that would be turned back into Epic Life Church’s ministry foci.

Across the street are a couple of 600 seat theaters where Epic Life Church would come to life on Sundays. And just North two blocks is a very small Baptist Church that God is maneuvering into position for a yet to be determined partnership. We are praying and following God’s leading and timing. If we were to move forward on the Coffee Environment we would need $200,000 up front, to remodel and cover costs for a year.

Please pray with us for God to continue to show us his ways, to provide the finances we will need to proceed with this idea and the vision to see and act. Your prayers are more powerful than you think.