This is…

Posted: May 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

A short poem in response to Romans 7:14-25

Oh what lurks in the

Shadows of my heart,

Waiting for the moment

To tear me apart.

My spirit looks up

My flesh looks down,

I’ll raise my cup

But, to sin I’m bound.

I long to drink

The cup of righteousness,

But my flesh takes hold

The drug of darkness.

A new creation I have become

So why to wrong do I succumb?

Living well and right is

What I desire,

But my flesh calls out

And sets me afire.

Jekyll and Hyde

Are warring inside,

And rending the fabric of my soul.

Kill the one, Kill the other

My fighting, Twin brother.

And rending my fabric in the cold.

But I have been set free

And the powers that be

Have no control over me.

Letting the Spirit guide

Eliminates the pride

No power to cyanide

No condemnation

      for those who are called,

His power has freed me

      from the enemy of the fall.

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