Core Group Moving

I wanted to give you a bit of an update hoping you can pray for us and encourage the church to do the same. This Sunday we will be meeting in the NorthGate Baptist church (NGBC) building just off Aurora and on 105th. It is right in the “zone” we believe God is calling us to minister in. If you have been reading the blogs you know what I’m talking about. See Vision. We will be meeting on Sunday nights at 6 pm as we continue to develop our core group and prepare for the harvest. We are not opening this meeting up to the public yet; it is by “invitation only” right now. The NGBC is still meeting on Sunday mornings, as will their school continue during the week in this building. They are struggling to remain open and we believe that God has put us here for his purposes. Those purposes are not clear as of yet, but they will be in God’s timing.
We are praying that God keeps opening the doors in this area that has such a great need for the transformation that can only come from God.

Here are some things that you can pray about:

  1. Open hearts – The members of the NGB Church (20 or so) will be joining us Sunday night. We will be casting the vision for Aurora Ave. Pray that they are given “eyes to see” and that they see. They are a great group of people who are seeking God’s best for their church.
  2. New People – There will be several new people Sunday night whom we will be inviting into the Core Group Ministry, again pray for eyes to see and changed hearts.
  3. Individuals – Stu, Ryan, Nick, Teya, Lisa & family, Moses, Nwang and Doma, Getta & family, Sho Yin, Natasha and Josh.
  4. Continued unity amoung our team. It has been fantastic so far and I am confident that God will continue to mold us as a Body to minister well.
  5. We need $150,000 to move into the Creative Coffee Cafe that we feel God is directing us to start. This money will go to remodeling and purchasing equipment. The cafe will give an amazing Christ Centered face to Aurora Ave. (Just a couple of blocks from NGBC and just down the street from several XXX stores.)
  6. Sunday – this is a very important “first” of Epic Life Church. We are praying for a Christ directed momentum that will drive the ministry.
  7. Finances – We keep trusting God to provide the finances we need to minister here in Seattle.

It is so exciting to see how God is working in our lives and the lives of those around us. Momentum is building, we are praying that God provides the leadership we need to sustain ministry throughout every new movement in Epic Life Church.

Thank you for your prayers.

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