Just Pictures

I will be adding my own personally shot pictures on this Page along with some thoughts about those pictures. I am a visual learner, listener, thinker and theorist.


December 20th, 2010


Kristine, my wife of 19-1/2 years, mother to our four wonderful boys, wise and beautiful, truly a  woman of Proverbs 31. Reading an article this morning from CNN on marriage in America and I am overwhelmed that Kristine and I are in the minority; being married to each other for this long and the beautiful fact that we will never separate. So many will never be in our shoes and will struggle through division, divorce and death. I am continually grateful for my wife. Thank you Lord for helping us continue.

December 9th, 2010


Covered Brick Road

The path God has me on is sometime covered up and I have trouble finding it. I have come to realize that so often the cover up is caused by my own desires that fight within me to control the places I allow my soul to travel. The road that God prefers I tread is always there, but I have to get rid of the hardening top layer that I, or others in my life, have spread on the ground sending me off to places I am not meant to be or not the strongest or the best prepared for. Getting back to the path God has created for me to set my feet to is something that is often hard to do, sometimes it is multiple layers and it always demands a bit of deconstruction, the use of the correct tools and just plain brute force. But I must admit this path that my Father has laid for me, brick by brick, is a path he knows I will succeed on, bringing glory to him.


December 7th, 2010


I have been journaling on and off for some 30 years. Some day I need to find the old journals I kept as a kid, which are probably buried in my parents attic. Something I discovered about myself about three years ago is that in my journaling, writing and creating I love to do so on graph paper. It’s something I should have known quite a while ago.  When I was in high school in Grangeville, ID I was part of the graphic drawing class preparing to start my short career in computer drafting.  And, at that time I also loved the graph paper, it has taken almost 20 years for me to rediscover that love.

It is kind of bizarre how we forget things over time, even things we love. To remember we are required to continue. Forgetfulness comes in the pause. How often do we pause in our Bible study only to pick it up a year later? Or pause in our loving our spouse only to to remember years later that you do indeed love him or her? Or pause in our creativity and wake up in our old age dull and old.


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